"Its a battle of the sexes when Anton Chekov meets Oscar Wilde?"Official selections of Hoboken, Ridgewood, and Union City International Film Festivals!!!Boor of No ImportanceProduced and Directed by Joe PaulScreenplay by Mikaela KafkaStarring Osborn Focht, Mikaela Kafka

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Osborn Focht, MIkaela Kafka, Joe Paul.
The Kafka Experiment is a political and social commentary with the heart of “Little Miss Sunshine.”  Hosted by Suzette and Oscar, a group of friends in the wake of domestic and financial frustrations decide to get away; go camping, and “Live off the Land.”  Upon realizing that no one is opposing the District Councilman for his position, they turn their campsite into a raucous Campaign Headquarters vying for Oscar's nomination. With the aid of a wise and fantastical Delivery Man, the group gets “grounded” to the true meaning of The American Experiment.
Full-length Screenplayby Mikaela Kafka
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Joe Paul and Crew!!!
"A Day At Dantes" written and created by Mikaela Kafka and Osborn Focht.  Computer illiterate husband and wife team with a wonderfully sick sense of whats funny.  Well; so say we.  "Idle hands do the Devil's work." so type it in and check it out! www.billZbob.com
Mikaela Kafka